Turnover in iOS Top 200/400 Ranks Part 2: Which Categories Offer the Best Chance for Discovery

In continuation of our paid apps vs free apps theme and our Part 1 focused on a daily analysis of app turnover in Apple’s iPhone and iPad Top 400 lists (now Top 200 lists), we looked at how this app turnover differs by genres/categories. Why is app turnover important: because, as entries/exits into the top ranks increase, it improves the chances of a new app to be found and therefore provides an indication of  which business model (i.e. paid or free) or genre/category offers the best opportunity for discovery.

The two graphs below show, for May 2014, the average daily number of iPhone and iPad apps by genre/category that entered the Top 400 Free, Paid and Grossing ranks (i.e. they had not been ranked the previous day).  Based on the data collected, it is clear that most categories of iPhone apps had a greater amount of paid app turnover. The only exceptions that had more free app turnover were the Catalogs, News, Newsstand and Weather genres.


For iPad categories, while close to a third had more free app turnover, most still favored paid app turnover. The most extreme cases of this were the Travel, Lifestyle and Health-Fitness genres with close to 200 new apps entering the top ranks every day.


Whether you are still trying to decide on what business model to follow (paid/free, with/without in-app purchases) or you are trying to further optimize your paid app a better understanding of genre/category dynamics is important. As the data above shows, some categories clearly allow for more newcomers to pierce through the exclusive club of ranked apps. And, in a market with millions of apps, any help can make a difference.

We believe that #PaidAppsRule


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