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Featured in Hacking Mobile App Discovery

The Loadown was featured in a piece by Alex Konrad that appeared on yesterday: ‘How Amazon-Style Pricing And Portfolio Tactics Can Hack The Crowded App Market.’ The article included insights on the role of pricing optimization and portfolio diversification in app discovery.

Here are some highlights:

… for those who aren’t a Top 10 viral hit or willing to spend millions on marketing like Game Of War’s pricey Kate Upton campaign, regular price adjustments can help surface an app back from the purgatory of the App Store’s (figurative) back shelves.

The most room to maneuver and benefit comes with apps that are priced more than $0.99 and thus have more potential to discount or boost prices incrementally. But even switching apps from periods of free sales to paid stretches can improve performance, the Loadown team says.

In a 39-week study of about 7,6000 apps from 4,000 sellers, sellers expanding into a new category instead of launching their first app saw a 15% bump on top-grossing charts for each additional category they entered. (study by Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business)

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Turnover in iOS Top 200/400 Ranks Part 2: Which Categories Offer the Best Chance for Discovery

In continuation of our paid apps vs free apps theme and our Part 1 focused on a daily analysis of app turnover in Apple’s iPhone and iPad Top 400 lists (now Top 200 lists), we looked at how this app turnover differs by genres/categories. Why is app turnover important: because, as entries/exits into the top ranks increase, it improves the chances of a new app to be found and therefore provides an indication of  which business model (i.e. paid or free) or genre/category offers the best opportunity for discovery.

The two graphs below show, for May 2014, the average daily number of iPhone and iPad apps by genre/category that entered the Top 400 Free, Paid and Grossing ranks (i.e. they had not been ranked the previous day).  Based on the data collected, it is clear that most categories of iPhone apps had a greater amount of paid app turnover. The only exceptions that had more free app turnover were the Catalogs, News, Newsstand and Weather genres.


For iPad categories, while close to a third had more free app turnover, most still favored paid app turnover. The most extreme cases of this were the Travel, Lifestyle and Health-Fitness genres with close to 200 new apps entering the top ranks every day.


Whether you are still trying to decide on what business model to follow (paid/free, with/without in-app purchases) or you are trying to further optimize your paid app a better understanding of genre/category dynamics is important. As the data above shows, some categories clearly allow for more newcomers to pierce through the exclusive club of ranked apps. And, in a market with millions of apps, any help can make a difference.

We believe that #PaidAppsRule

Update in our App Estimated Downloads – New Storefronts

We have been aggregating publicly available information daily for each app in iOS’s USA storefront and use our own algorithms to estimate an app’s downloads. These can be seen on any app page (search for any iOS app at Today we are releasing our estimated downloads data for 3 other storefronts: UK, Japan and France.

Based on our comparative analysis with real download data, we have good directional and trend estimated download data for both paid and free apps. With regards to total estimated downloads we have been getting relatively good values on paid apps, but could still be quite a bit off for many free apps.

Please remember that these estimates are for informational purposes only.